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Bio Pure has a 20 year strong heritage in manufacturing and marketing reputable water purification systems which have since become internationally renowned with millions of satisfied customers in the Asia Pacific Region.

With an experienced international Research and Development team, the brand continues to innovate and develop new products as well as improve on existing product lines to meet the evolving needs of customers.

The Bio Pure systems are produced and assembled internally from start to finish, from the point of R & D to assembly and shipping in our advanced household water purification manufacturing facility with the expertise of top researchers and engineers from Malaysia, the United States and Korea. In our relentless commitment to producing quality products, our customers can rest assured that our products are backed by the service capabilities of one of the largest service and support network in South East Asia.

Over the years, we have continuously upgraded our cutting-edge, high-precision equipment for our manufacturing and production facilities. The Bio Pure purification system – a trusted and reliable method to obtain hygienic water is scientifically proven to effectively remove virtually all types of contaminants, including pharmaceutical drugs, heavy metal, radioactive elements, viruses and particle contaminants 500,000 times smaller than a strand of hair to produce perfectly pure drinking water.

The Bio Pure range of products is one of the world’s most advanced household water purification systems, and this multiple-award winner is the first system in Asia to achieve the coveted WQA S-300 Gold Seal. The Bio Pure system is also a recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards under the category of Asia Pacific Product Line Strategy Award in the Water Filtration Market and Asia Pacific Customer Service Leadership Award in the Water Filtration Market from 2012 to 2015.

Our commitment towards providing the highest quality water purification systems that produce clean and safe water for a healthier life and continually improving our products and services are truly what differentiates us from others. Clean, safe drinking water is the foundation of life and Bio Pure provides this with its range of water purification products.

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